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Accessible Housing

Investigate all relevant options and implement policies to ensure safe and accessible accommodation for residents across the entire Shire.

There is little available affordable accommodation for people who work and live in the Byron Shire. Traffic problems have been exacerbated due to increased numbers of workers having to travel into the major towns.  Future planning to provide additional residential accommodation across Byron Shire is very unclear.

Proposed solutions are being inadequately presented to the State Government for funding and approval.  Byron Shire Action Group has written to the Council and the Premier to follow up on proposed solutions.  In addition to his experience with all levels of government, Bruce was a member of the Joint Regional Planning Panel for eight years and understands the State Government processes required to successfully implement accommodation solutions.

Our Actions:

- Instigate a land audit of all public State and Council properties.

- Correct the imbalance of State-apportioned funds for homelessness assistance in our Shire.

- Undertake housing reforms to provide secure and affordable housing, based on national and international best practice.

- Ensure “granny flat” DA compliance to free up more long-term rentals for locals.

- Work with local philanthropists and community groups to quickly establish a women’s refuge.

- Secure funds for additional men’s shelters and improved support services.