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Road infrastructure and maintenance is beyond appalling across our entire Byron Shire. There has been scarce future proofing of our Local Government Area.

We are working with the community, as well as the Federal and State Governments, to implement the most cost-effective and long-term solutions.

Our Actions:

Byron Bay is being loved to death. It is beyond 15,000 ratepayers to provide services to over a million tourists a year.

- Secure funding from the State and Federal Governments to alleviate the burden tourism places on infrastructure across Byron Shire.

- Seek urgent, effective engineering plan to stop long-standing flooding problems, especially in the Ocean Shores and Mullumbimby areas.

- Long-term rectification of potholes using recycled plastic.

- Assess measures such as tidal management of traffic along major transport routes to Byron Bay such as Ewingsdale Road and Broken Head Road.

- Create a south-bound exit to Suffolk Park from Bangalow.

- Improve access points interchanges.

- Enforce parking restrictions, with paid parking in the Byron Bay CBD only.