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Meet Janine Khosid

Janine Khosid

A resident of Ocean Shores, Janine is an owner operator of beautician salons in Byron Bay specialising in Cruelty free and safe products. Born and raised in South Africa, before emigrating to Australia in 2001, Janine is seeking to improve community and small business engagement with Council.

"Small businesses are the backbone of our economy in the Byron Shire, but they are under massive financial stress and without the clear support they so desperately need.

"I am a believer in the “every day” person, their issues, and their concerns especially when living in a small town that is evolving as a pre-eminent destination for lifestyle and tourism.

"Working in small business my clients voice their concerns and distress daily from their failed interactions with the  Byron Shire Council. Everyone has a story, with the common link being the need for greater engagement, transparency and real avenues for more real-time communication.

As a community we have so much to gain, we just need proactive leadership to build a stronger, more united and importantly more empathetic Council and community enabled local government."